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15.06.2024 - Ivan released the 2023 LamdbaPosting Halloween event video. Watch it from the "Watch CYR" section below.

10.05.2024 - Evan "Regolith" Lee of LambdaPosting has completed Counter-Strike:Source on Steam, beating each and every one of 147 achievements, including the one requiring you to earn 50000000 dollars total.

09.04.2024 - General Drogolhus now has a YouTube channel where he posts OP4 gameplays. Check him out here.

08.04.2024 - CYR now has a forum, working on this very site. Navigate to "Forum" from the links atop.

07.02.2024 - Give a read to Nosville22's TF2 Rebalance ideas! Navigate to "Articles" from the links at the top!

06.12.2023 - All contestants of the CYR 2023 Map Contest have overran the deadline. As a result, the delivering of the maps and the contest itself is indefinitely delayed until further notice.

17.11.2023 - Half-Life is free to keep on Steam until the 20th of the month!

13.08.2023 - Half Life Opposing Force has struck an all-time peak of 5373 players thanks to the #OpposingTheBar event that we also took place in, thank you for the amazing Sunday!

30.07.2023 - One of our mappers, Goonty, has had his daughter recently! Congratulations!

Watch CYR!

2023 LambdaPosting Halloween video, by Da_Real_IvanPan.

Also Recommended Video: General Drogolhus and Lieutenant Alex duel to death on undertow.


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